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My Story

Treat everyone as if they were you

We all know the saying “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”.  Sometimes we are put in a humbled situation where we have to dig deep within to pull ourselves out of that moment in time; Or maybe we are confronted by an unlikely messenger or source of information that sometimes can be ever so subtle, but yet it’s the answer we are in search of but just didn’t know what it was! If only to listen!

 It all started in 2003 where I found myself becoming forgetful, tired, headaches, anxiety, my eye site seemed to be getting bad and the list goes on… I felt scared, helpless and kept wondering what happened to the old me who used to have a lot of energy to take care of my children and their daily needs?  The only thing I knew then was to go to conventional doctors for help and was constantly being offered various prescription medications, that would simply mask the symptoms and of which did nothing to help.  Not one suggested or spoke about my diet or nutrition back then. 

Until one day, reluctantly I might add, I listened in on a phone call that was about nutrition.  Ever get that confirmation within, when you have that knowing feeling; “this is the answer”?  It made sense!  I realized I was nutritionally deficient!  I immediately felt that little spark within me of hope!  Within one week of changing my diet, supplementing with whole food products I began to feel that energy surge begin to emerge and all the things that I was feeling began little by little to melt away! Yes, it was a process and took sometime but I was getting better and that was all that mattered! It was then I began my journey towards a healthier lifestyle for myself and my children. Once I regained my strength, I became the messenger for others and eventually enrolled in Integrative Nutrition and from there began my journey of wellness. 

Having been told I have “healing hands” and my genuine care for others wellbeing; I then pursued my education further by enrolling and completing an extensive massage therapy course becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Because of my commitment, research and journey of wellness for myself, family, friends and others, I came across Thermography.  I liked the idea that it was safe, no contact and no radiation and that it was a great risk assessment tool. So decided to invest in my training and certification of thermography, and add to my continued growth and passion for learning healthy alternatives for myself and others.

I hope that, given the chance, I can also help you with your journey of wellness.


Paula Blatcher, LMT, CTT

Certified Thermography Technician
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Esthetician
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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