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APMC-M.D. Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex

by Pristine Nutraceuticals

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M.D. Formulated Comprehensive Food-Grade Micronutrient Support of Normal Cognitive and Immune Function.*


“Cognition” is the ability level which we possess, to assimilate and process the information that we receive from different sources  (perception,     memory, experience, beliefs…) to convert them into knowledge.*

Doctor Formulated, Patient Tested, Scientifically Demonstrated, & Satisfaction Guaranteed.*

APMC-M.D.® is a food-grade powder, mixable in foods, shakes, and beverages. No prescription is needed, and there are no side-effects, contraindications, or negative reactions with medications. You may continue to take your vitamin and mineral supplements as well with APMC-M.D.®, which functions synergistically with any food or supplement.*

Free Shipping to your door, No processing fees, No sales tax, and there is No prescription required.

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