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Manage Breast Health

It may take a long time for a condition to develop. Medical infrared imaging may be able to provide an early warning.

Infrared imaging provides a completely different way of looking at the body.

A partner in early breast cancer detection. Early detection means life. What makes breast thermography so unique? What does breast thermography have to offer? About the procedure.... (read more)


/ther·mog·ra·phy/ (ther-mog´rah-fe) a technique wherein an infrared camera photographically portrays the body's surface temperature, based on self-emanating infrared radiation; used as a means of diagnosing underlying pathologic conditions, such as breast tumors... (read more)

Who benefits from infrared imaging?

Everyone! Especially health conscious individuals who are looking for an important tool to add to their regular preventive health care. Infrared imaging may also give your doctor the information he or she needs to get to the cause of a current problem... (read more)

The technology may provide both an early warning system and a method of analysis that may get to the cause of a problem that is not responding to treatment... (read more)

After completing a health history form, you will be taken to a special temperature controlled imaging room. You will be asked to wear a gown and wait for a brief period while your body acclimates to the temperature of the room... (read more)

Breast cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, stroke, soft tissue injuries

And many others …. (read more)

The greatest difference lies in the type of information you get. For example, CT, MRI, and EBT look into the body for structural changes such as tumors. If no tumor is found, does this mean you’re in good health? ... (read more)

You may use infrared imaging as part of your yearly physical exam or to investigate a problem you may be experiencing... (read more)


Infrared imaging is designed to be used in addition to other tests and is not a replacement or alternative to any other form of imaging or test. Infrared imaging cannot be used as a “body scan” to look inside the body for tumors or the spread of cancer... (read more)

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