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Breast Thermography

What Makes Breast Thermography So Unique?


Thermography is an imaging procedure that uses no radiation, injections, or other invasive methods.

Infrared risk markers of early stage cancers that are missed by other methods may be discovered with thermography (3, 6, 7, 8).

Women who are on hormone replacement, or have fibrocystic, large, dense, or augmented breasts (6, 8) pose no difficulties when it comes to the reading of thermograms.

Since thermography does not involve contact with the skin, the procedure is quite comfortable.

Studies show that an abnormal thermogram is the single most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer, 10 times more significant than a family history of the disease (5).

In the absence of other positive tests, an abnormal thermogram may give a woman an early warning that a pathological process may be occurring. By maintaining close monitoring of her breast health with the addition of thermography to her regular exams, a woman may have a much better chance of detecting cancer at its earliest stage and preventing invasive tumor growth.

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